A $388 million budget to a $24 million budget. That is a 95%  budget cut Trump would like to implement in the Office of National Drug Control Policy. With the cannabis community having been nervous about its future, this is one proposal that could help. With this budget cut, results in less dedicated staff to work towards the Drug-War efforts. The Office of Budget Management stated that majority of their work is done by other cabinet level agencies, and that the ONDCP, has been “the worst possible government agency to be involved with solving the opiate crisis, on any level.” Congress needs to approve this budget cut. However, if passed, this budget cut could aid in the efforts to solve the current opiate problem within the country, because of its pain-reducing properties, patients prefer cannabis over opiates. Read more in the article below.

End of the Drug Czar? Trump Proposes Huge Cuts to White House Drug Office

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