WA state is looking to implement a new seed-to-sale software and sign a new contract with the company who provides it. As the medical and recreational cannabis markets merged in 2016, the regulations have been adjusted and continue to be ironed out. Because of the merge of medical and recreational, the current platform for the seed-to-sale tracking system seem to be limited as the Washington market has doubled in 2016 from 2015.

BioTrack THC has been the software company that won the original contract with the state, however, they will not be competing for the new contract. BioTrack THC has faced many criticisms with their program. As it may function well for dispensary and rec shop owners, it does not work well for cultivators, resulting in cultivators having to spend time, resources and capital to writing a program over the one of BioTrack THC, because simple functions are cumbersome and cost more time than necessary.

With the industry unfolding, more companies finding niches within it, and being in a tech region of the country, there will certainly be fierce competition for the $3 million contract.



Washington state’s marijuana tracking contract up for bid

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